L5M Mobile ANPR Camera System

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L5M Mobile ANPR Camera System


L5M Mobile ANPR Camera System

The L5M mobile automatic number plate recognition camera system is a high-performance solution for those who want to maximize detections and data collection to ensure their officers are their safest and most productive while on the road.


High quality day and night vision

Low and high speed image clarity

Make and model identification

ONVIF – compliant video streaming

Configurable in-car notifications

Local and network-wide search

System performance monitoring

Distraction – free user interface

Broad lens and mounting options

Powerful, discreate processing unit

Multi – camera and legacy support

Easy connectivity and activation

Stress-tested and vibration- proof

High rain and dust resistant

Hot and cold temperature- ready

Automatic system updates

Hot list creation and subscription

Plate and location based searching

Patented vehicle location analytics

Comprehensive security and control


Detect any vehicle you pass – Shifts don’t always occur in perfect lighting conditions. Criminals don’t always go the speed limit. That’s why the L5M mobile plate reader leverages dual color and infrared (IR) sensors and lenses with added IR illumination to see more plates you pass. Additionally, a global shutter provides unprecedented clarity of plates even when they are moving at high speeds. Combined with AI-powered make and model identification and real-time, ONVIF-compliant video streaming, the L5M mobile ANPR camera enables you to accurately capture more number plates than ever – and so much more.

Stay in the know as you drive – A hit notification is useless without additional information that can prepare you to respond safely and appropriately. Our CarDetector Mobile in-car mobile ANPR camera software not only gives you audio and visual alerts to a hot listed vehicle detection, but then allows you to seamlessly conduct additional investigation, quickly, to inform your next move. It also gives you full control over your mobile ANPR camera system to ensure it is performing as expected. Lastly, the CarDetector Mobile interface is designed like the rest of your Motorola products for a more efficient, familiar user experience.

Deploy your cameras your way – Effective number plate recognition is dependent on deploying a system designed for your desired outcomes. The L5M mobile plate reader can be configured with different lenses for scan distances of 6 to 125 feet and mounted in a variety of different positions on your vehicle. The accompanying VLP processor provides a powerful hub for up to four cameras, and supports continuous number plate scanning at up to 60 frames per second (FPS). Systems can be activated in a matter of minutes from CarDetector Mobile, with LTE, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Scan more. Maintain less. – Rain or shine, sleet or snow. Inclement conditions are often when you’re needed most. That’s why the L5M mobile automatic number plate recognition camera system is IP68 rated and made to withstand even the toughest conditions – from shock and vibration of the bumpiest roads, to rain coming down and dust blown about in the most treacherous winds. Additionally, the L5M was designed for use year-round, in the coldest and hottest environments. Most importantly, not only will your system hardware stay intact, but you’ll also always have the best new features with automatic updates that come standard.

Amplify insight and awareness – Number plate data collection is only the tip of the iceberg. What you do with it is what matters. The L5M mobile ANPR camera system, like all of our camera systems, comes with industry-leading software solutions available on mobile devices, in the car, at your desk or from a laptop. With these, create and manage hot lists, configure notifications, conduct detailed searches and run patented, advanced analytics to uncover transformative vehicle location intelligence. Best of all, we give you utmost control of your camera network and data to keep your team successful and systems secure.


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