APX Transportable Base Station

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The APX Transportable Base Station is a rugged yet lightweight rapid deployment product that you can rely on during covert operations and emergency response situations. Ideal for agencies who utilize rental cars, this aluminum lockable suitcase is ideal for jump and run scenarios when immediate and clear communications are a necessity. Its compatibility with the APX7500/6500/4500 mobiles always ensures the most secure and reliable communications. The mouse-hole exit for a power cable allows for covert closed case operations. Engineered with top panel quick connections for efficiency, the APX Transportable Base Station is the ideal solution for federal agencies and first responders on the move.

Rugged, Lightweight Design
Aluminum lockable suitcase makes for convenient transportation

Compatible with APX Mid-Power Mobiles
APX 7500/6500/4500, ordered separately

Dual Band Operation
Supports multiple radio frequencies

Encrypted and Clear
For covert mission critical communications

Closed Case Capability
AC/DC power input with mouse-hole exit for cable allows for covert closed case operations

Tape recorder and headset jacks on top panel for quick connection

Compatible with O2/O3/O7 Control Heads and Associated Microphones
Ordered separately

Compatible with 7.5W Mobile Speaker HSN4038A
Ordered separately

12VDC Vehicle Accessory Power Cable
Included For temporary vehicle installation

Accessory Storage Pouch
For convenient transportation

Optional 13O3 Microphone Extension Cable (APX7500/APX6500 mobiles only)
Ordered separately to meet communication needs

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